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Catnip | AmaraBee Apothecary Supply
Catnip | AmaraBee Apothecary Supply
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Catnip | AmaraBee Apothecary Supply

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Gender: Feminine
Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Powers: Abundance, Beauty, Cat Magic, Fertility, Love

Magical Uses and History: Catnip is probably most well known for its ability to seduce our feline friends, hence the name "catnip." However, many of the plants belonging to the catmint genus Nepeta are also well-loved by cats. Due to this property, which only affects about 2/3 of cats and is believed to be hereditary, catnip can be used in any magical workings dealing with cats, cat deities, or feline animal guides. Use it to bring feline-like agility and stealth to a spell, call upon cat deities, or as an offering to cat spirits.
The name Nepeta is believed to come from the ancient city of Nepete or Nepeti where large amounts of catnip were cultivated for teas and herbal remedies. Like other mint-related plants, catnip grows prolifically so it can be used in spells for abundance or even fertility, as not only does catnip reproduce quickly but so do cats.
Apart from attracting cats and abundance, catnip was also historically used in love spells and rituals, although the reasoning for this correspondence is unclear. It may be due to the frenzied nature of cats after coming into contact with catnip, as catnip mimics cat pheromones. Some folklore suggests that holding catnip in your hand until warm then holding someone else's hand will ensure friendship for as long as the catnip remains safe. It can also be used in sachets for love, especially when paired with rose petals.
Finally, catnip can be used in glamour and beauty magic. Medicinally, catnip has anti-aging properties, make it perfect for spells related to beauty.

Catnip can be used in a number of spells including:
Abundance Spells   
Beauty Magic
Glamour Magic
Love Spells


This is supplied in a 4 x 5 inch clear grip seal, labeled bag to retain its freshness and potency. Due to all the herbs/barks/flowers having different weights the quantity in each bag is approximately 1 1/2 Cups of dried herb.


All the herbs, resins, barks and flowers we sell at AmaraBee are of high quality and carefully selected ourselves from reputable Pagan, Witchcraft and herbal suppliers or grown ourselves at Flanary Herbal Gardens.