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About our creator Monique Miller Flanary

Just a bit about Monique~

Born in 1973 California, I was raised by an inspiring and deeply spiritual mother who taught me from an early age to connect with the world around me in a different way than most. Creativity and self-awareness was nurtured in my childhood and encouraged my love of nature and understanding of life cycles. It was at the age of 4 that I created my very first healing tea for my father with herbs from our garden. This experience planted the seed for my love of botany and began my never-ending education in Herbalism that is on-going today. I gained education through parochial schooling and had the opportunity to experience many different religious and spiritual avenues. My mother is an Indigenous Woman and provided me with knowledge and application of her spiritual traditions, further deepening my love and understanding of our place here as humankind. 


As I grew into adulthood I began to explore other spiritual practices, further expanding my toolbox of understanding with regard to the energetic connection between all things. I learned Reiki, delved into the study of psychology in college, bought every book I could find on physics and read them all - oftentimes more than once - and did my best to round out my understanding of energy with scientific research. In my early twenties, I began to develop my own traditions and practices. It was here that I discovered I had a need for specific tools that I either couldn't find or afford so I created my own. This began my path for handcrafted items that would support the spiritual journey of others.

Through the decades my life took me in many directions, but none so poignant as becoming a mother. My amazing children are now fantastic adults and it is an honor to be their mom. I am happily married to an amazing human, currently reside in the Inland Northwest with my fur babies, and my days and nights are devoted to creativity and loving all that life has to offer.