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About AmaraBee

Amara Bee began in 2013, as a small home-based business under the name Ophelia's Cabinet. At that time, we focused on botanicals and signature blends for spiritual health. As time passed, and as the economy pulled us in a different direction, an opportunity arose to bring Ophelia's Cabinet firmly into the Occult and Pagan  Practice domain.

As I moved forward, I found that there was a lack of truly unique, beautiful pagan ritual items to work with. In my search for ritual items, I had a very difficult time finding anything but the usual status quo products that never really spoke to me as a practitioner. It was in that moment that Amara Bee was born. In fact, it began in my own little office. Just a small shelf which held blends of herbs, oils, incenses, and hand painted boxes that I then made available only to my friends and coven members. Soon, more and more individuals asked that I find pieces for them and encouraged me to develop a complete store to purchase their supplies safely and reliably. In 2019, Amara Bee opened to the public with a completely unique and beautiful product line available to the pagan community.

We are blessed to have met many amazing people  within the community and surrounding areas through our online shop, workshops, through helping customers find solutions to their personal challenges, and aiding those in the community who were in need of home blessings, cleansings, and redirection. We are also able to provide tarot readings, traditional Pagan weddings, and in-person guidance to so many. 

Amara Bee continues its tradition of carrying top of the line pagan wares and ritual supplies from around the world. We continue to strive daily to bring you the very best there is in order to aid and enhance your practice. We look forward to serving you!