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Agrimony | AmaraBee Apothecary Supply

Agrimony | AmaraBee Apothecary Supply

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Gender: Masculine
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Air
Powers: Protection, Shielding, Hex-Breaking, Reversing, Restful Sleep


Agrimony is an herb of protection and reversal magick. It is used to break curses, and to turn them back upon the sender. In some practices, Agrimony is considered to be one of the best herbs for counteracting envy, jealousy, slander, and gossip.

Agrimony is also used in folk magick charms to ensure restful sleep. It is especially used when a person is anxious or troubled by nightmares.


Spells and Formulas with Agrimony

Add dried Agrimony to dream pillows in order to get a good night's sleep.

Anoint reversing candles with Agrimony oil, or sprinkle the herbs around the base of the candle before burning. If you don't have a reversing (or double-action) candle, a white candle may be used instead.

Add to cleansing baths and floor washes. Or mix with salt and keep around the home to drive away negativitys.

Wear or carry Agrimony to help build up psychic protection.

Use in purifying incenses and sachets, especially to repel the ill-wishes of others.

This is supplied in a 4 x 5 inch clear grip seal, labeled bag to retain its freshness and potency. Due to all the herbs/barks/flowers having different weights the quantity in each bag is approximately 1/2 cup.

 All the herbs, resins, barks and flowers we sell at AmaraBee are of high quality and carefully selected ourselves from reputable Pagan, Witchcraft and herbal suppliers or grown ourselves at Flanary Herbal Gardens.