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Travel Altars are for more than just travel!

Travel Altars?
Travel altars are great for more than just travel. They are compact, portable, and easily put away, so they are also great for the witch who needs privacy or just doesn’t have a lot of space.
Maybe you live with people who are uncomfortable with the idea of you being a witch. Or, you don’t have much space to set up a permanent altar. Maybe you’re a traveler and your tools must fit in a suitcase or backpack! Or, maybe you have your own space and freedom to practice how you wish, but the idea of being able to pick up a small package and take your practice anywhere just sounds like fun.
A travel altar is a great idea for anyone. You can set up a travel altar for any kind of purpose. You can use whatever kind of carrying case you like, too!
Several years ago, I was inspired by a picture of a tiny travel altar someone made out of an Altoids tin. I thought, “that’s a awesome idea!” DIY mini altars are wonderful because you can make them however you want, and they’re a lot of fun to put together. Some things to include in them: tea light candles, incense matches, packets of salt, seashells, lighter, mini wand or athame, crystals, altar cloths, or deity pictures.
Take your practice with you!
I have a wooden chest that is ready made to travel. This was a deeply thoughtful gift from a wonderful human and friend a few years back. My friends and sister witches would recognize it as my ceremony box I cart along to handfasting ceremonies that I officiate. In it, I have a red altar cloth, a raven wing, my stones and crystals, various herbs and resins, tea light candles and blessed water. I use this travel altar when it comes to overnight trips as well as when I will be performing public ritual and weddings.
If I will be performing ritual or spell work, I would need to pack different things.
What to Use
You don’t have to use a special box or tin for your travel altar. Use a bandana or altar cloth, and tie it up with your supplies inside. A dedicated backpack or bag will work. An art or tackle box is great for having lots of little storage compartments. You could use a kid’s lunch box or a train case for cosmetics. There are lots of beautifully carved wooden boxes of all sizes. Photo and shoe storage boxes are perfect for the Broom Closet Witch who has to hide their practice for any reason. Set up your altar on top of the box. When you’re done, pack it away and the box just looks like shoes or photos. Literally, anything that suits you can be your travel altar case.
The great thing about making your own travel altar is that you get to decide how it looks. Think about how you’ll use it and then, decide what works best. Do you want it super-witchy inside and out? Will you put sigils all over it to ward off prying eyes? Or, do you want to go Ninja-witch and make it just look like any other bag or backpack that you could wear all day without anyone suspecting you’re not really a normie? It’s up to you!
Magick Kits
What if you don’t want to make your own, and would rather get a kit that’s ready-to-go? There are lots of amazing travel altars and witch kits that range in price from the budget-friendly to the worthwhile splurge. You will have to look around to find the kit that is right for you, but this is a good way to get an altar together quickly. Some of them are not specifically “travel altars,” but if you need a collection of tools, they’re great. And, now you know what to pack it all in to make it portable!
Note: If you are traveling by plane, you will not be able to bring certain things in your carry-on. Just try explaining an ritual knife to airport security! Keep this in mind when you’re packing. You might want a dedicated set of travel-friendly tools.
If you have a witch in your life, travel altars make really nice and thoughtful gifts too. And remember, you don’t have to have everything in your travel altar. Maybe you just need a travel circle or a little sacred space like I have. You might have several little witchy go-bags for various purposes. Most of all, have fun creating your own practice-to-go!
I would LOVE to hear about what you’ve created! Let us know how you bring your practice with you!

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