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Psychic Self-Defense

The pagan art that uses Will to invoke Change is called Magic.
Some folks consider this a form of energy manipulation, while others have the understanding that these changes are caused by entities located in another space. Wizardry, according to popular literature, is the ability to use tools of magic (like rituals and symbols) that oppose natural laws (like chemistry and physics). Magic is the catalyst for many phenomena like ESP, astral projection and psychic healing, all of which cannot (yet) be explained by science. Magic is a part of the natural world and is not polarized by itself; it is neither "good" nor "bad", white or black; the former causes the happening of something seemingly positive, while the latter causes the happening of something perceived as negative....when you really give this concept some thought, these polarizing concepts are subjective.
"What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly". -Morticia Adams
Psychic phenomenon is a hotly debated topic and is largely avoided by the scientists, as it is now considered "paranormal". There are many who say that they have developed these abilities by tapping into energy fields of the astral world that have not yet been identified or quantified by modern science. These powers include mediumship, healing ability, EPS and remote viewing, ect. Just like in tapping into any other form of energy (such as shoving a fork into an electrical outlet) tapping into astral energy requires a price to be paid.
For people who are familiar with "Inner Planes" workings, it is known that the psychic effects are sent through the subconscious mind where they begin to facilitate change. Hence, the probability of psychic attack will be increased if the individual's mind is tuned to the negative effects of psychic activity. This type of attack can also occur if the individuals mind is susceptible to the attack of the astral world's malicious elements. This can cause damage and if these attacks are not warded off by psychic self defense, the consequences can be severe.
Psychic self defense can be developed by increasing the strength of an individuals aura. Psychic abilities and self-defense seemingly go hand in hand, as these abilities focus mainly on the mind of an individual. A person's aura manifests a glow that envelopes their entire body and is considered a reflection of the spiritual state of that person. For strengthening his or her aura, they must become adept at visualization exercises.
One of the suggested exercises is to visualize a white fire flame within the heart that expands and engulfs the body of the conjurer, surrounding him/her in an globe-like ball. No negative thoughts or imperfections are allowed, as it is a pure luminescence attracts positive forces to itself, thereby strengthening the aura of the visualizer. This is a type of magic called Warding, wherein a sphere or globe of protection is conjured. Some will also suggest tapping into earth's blue or white energy, so that the individual is not relying soley on his/her power. This also aids in creating a very potent sphere.
Another way of increasing psychic self defense is in the usage of Runes, or symbols or signs that have specific uses and meanings. For protection of a person or an object, the Elk rune, known also as the Algiz or Elhaz is used and it wards off negative thoughts and increases peace of mind. A person who has a peaceful mind will have a strong aura, as auras reflect the well being of one's mind.
For those who aren't initiated, the concepts of aura and psychic self defense will sound like blather. However, we must admit that not everything can be explained.....even today. For those individuals who are trained in paranormal phenomena, psychic elements can affect and influence their well-being, and most know how protect themselves.

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