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Manipulating Energy - The Beginning

“Magic is not a power granted by the spirits, although theurgy appeals to spiritual forces through devotion and prayer. Magic is not governed by the whims of supernatural beings, although entities may be conjured from the aether. Magic is not a force such as magnetism or momentum, although magic may be used to bind and direct those forces.
In short, magic is the manipulation of energy to produce a desired effect.
The student of magic must first understand that nothing supernatural exists and that all phenomena are natural. Nature abounds with the living energies of the universe—what has been defined by science as heat, light, magnetism, electricity, vibration, metabolism, momentum, gravity, and aethergy. So too do all things abound with the energy of magic. The former is merely an aspect of the latter, and the latter a manifestation of the former. Any divisions that is perceived to exist between the realms of science and magic are merely illusions. Both are true and proper philosophies, inseparable and intertwined.
Magic is a quest for understanding the art of controlling and harnessing the forces of nature. Magic may be a healing hand or a deadly curse, a seductive love potion or an empowerment to bring floods and famine. Magic is neither black nor white, neither good nor evil. Most important of all, magic is not a thing. Magic is a process. It is a philosophy, a science, a way of seeing and controlling the natural world. And magic exists within each and every one of us.
Once you have learned how to meditate, the next step to becoming an adept spell caster is learning how to manipulate and control your energy. First, you must understand what is meant by term Energy… Unfortunately, this is a challenge to explain using words, but I will do my best!
All creatures have energy. All objects on the planet have energy...the ocean, the air, the earth, and fire all have energy. It is fairly easy to describe where it can be found but perhaps describing the nature of energy is beyond the scope of the human mind. Electricity is a form of energy that we are quite familiar with, but biological and natural energy is different from electricity. Our energy is our life force. The inexplicable ‘spark’ that allows us to wake up every day and exist on this planet. There are many physical explanations for this, but science can only answer the ‘why’ to a certain extent. What causes us to truly live? What keeps us in balance and allows us to heal, mentally and physically?
Our personal energy.
There are many forms of healing that are believed to work by correcting energy flow and thus enhancing our ability to heal. There are also techniques wherein a person takes their personal energy and pushes it right to the site of the pain or injury to spur on healing and pain relief. There are even exercises developed that involve moving all of your energy from your toes to your head, through your chakras, to clean and energize yourself. This indescribable energy has been referred to by many names. It has been referred to as chi, qi, psi, and many other things. Qi Gong is a practice of energy exercises, like I mentioned above. However, you do not need to practice Qi Gong to practice witchcraft. You merely need to recognize your energy and learn to move and control it.
Some find energy manipulation comes as a second nature and others are challenged by it. The simplest way to begin is by ‘feeling’ your energy:
Close your eyes and ‘feel’; visualize yourself full with bright, buzzing energy. The color you envision is entirely up to you, just go with what you naturally think of. I personally see a light blue. Typically, when I do this I feel warm and a bit tingly. If you do not feel anything it is fine, but if you do feel warm, don’t be afraid of it- It’s normal.
Next, you should try to visualize this energy shifting from one place to another. For example, try moving the energy from your left arm over to your right arm, and then take that collection of energy and move it back to your left arm. You may feel a shift in the warmth while you do this. This energy, and the process of moving it, is important in witchcraft. You will use your personal energy, energy created by chanting, or energy taken from other sources to reach out and create the changes you want. However, you cannot make changes to the outside world without putting your energy out there- so what is the most proficient way to take your energy out of your body? I have found Energy Balls work best for me.
These are simply balls of energy you create using the chakras in your palms. First, lightly rub your hands together and then slowly pull them apart. This process sensitizes your palm chakras and you may feel some tingling, this is normal. This may take some practice, so repeat this action a few times. Each time you do this the feelings in your hands should become easier to detect.
Hold your hands across from each other, a few inches apart, and ‘feel’ the energy between them. Bring your hands closer together and feel the resistance created between them. I liken the feeling to two magnets repelling each other. Now, visualize your energy gravitating towards your hands, making them glow with light, until finally they overflow, and the energy floods out from your palm chakras. Visualize this energy between your hands, floating there. You can now begin to shape it into a ball, using your hands or just using your mind. Once the energy has taken the form of a sphere, congratulations! You made your first Energy Ball.
There are many other ways to create Energy Balls. Some people prefer to use a small amount of energy to make a ‘shell’ for the ball first, and then they fill the shell with as much energy as it will contain. Others have become adept at it and can simply do it on command.
You should experiment with your energy ball method. Try changing the color of the energy within it, or making them different sizes. You can try different shapes too. If you wish, you can take your energy and put it into a physical object rather than putting it into a ball, use the same method, just push the energy into the object. Crystals work well for this.
This is the very same technique I use in ‘charging’ the objects I create. Of course, not all energy is programmed the same, so your intent for the energy is important. I will cover programming energy in another blog post. But for now, give it a try! Practice the techniques and find what works best for you.
Let me know in the comments how this feels to you and, as always, ask questions if you have them! There are many adept spell casters out there that will be more that obliged to help you out! Please feel free to share any of my Blog Posts with individuals you feel might benefit from the information.

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