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Herb Lore: Magical uses of Fennel - Foeniculum vulgare

My Fennel harvest this year took place on September 7th during a huge windstorm which unfortunately sparked several wildfires in our area. However, I couldn’t have chosen a better day to harvest this Air/Fire herb! 🔥
Traditional magickal uses of fennel include warding off evil spirits and repelling curses. Attributed to Air/Fire and to Mercury, Fennel is also said to increase courage, confidence and strength. Roman soldiers chewed the seeds before battle--perhaps because a famous battle of the ancient Greeks was fought at Marathon in a field of fennel--but fennel is also said to build confidence and courage. In the old days, British farmers rubbed a mixture of fennel seeds, soap, and salt on the blade of their plow to strengthen the land and encourage better harvests.
Similarly for fertility, fennel was thrown at newlyweds instead of rice. For protection, fennel was hung over the doorway on Midsummer Eve to keep away evil and the seeds put into keyholes to keep out ghosts. Nowadays, an infusion of fennel makes a good door wash to keep away intruders.
As an herb of Mercury, which works especially on the mind, fennel is said to improve the memory. In fact, an old remedy for stroke victims was fennel tea.  Mercury herbs are also especially good for helping develop one's magickal skills. Fennel smells surprisingly nice--spicy and licorice-like. Mix or ground with lavender buds for incense. It also mixes well with other Mercury seeds like dill. -

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