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Fennel Seed | AmaraBee Apothecary Supply

Fennel Seed | AmaraBee Apothecary Supply

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Gender: Masculine, Feminine
Planet: Sun
Element: Air, Fire
Powers: Courage, Strength, Protection, Fertility, Love, Healing, Divination

FENNEL – For all-around defense, plant fennel around your house. Fennel seeds can be placed close to windows to ward off evil spirits and unwelcome guests. To remove negativity from your home, burn fennel seeds. Purify whatever tools you plan to employ for your magical work using the smoke from the seeds. For cleaning smoke, you might also use dried flowers or stalks. Fennel is a versatile herb that can be used in spells on its own or in combination with other similar herbs to promote courage, divination, cleansing, strength, energy, meditation, virility, psychic protection, and countermagick. Fennel protects against evil and sorcery when hung in entrances or windows, and when placed in keyholes, it guards against ghostly beings. Fennel, when grown around the perimeter of the house, offers defense against negative energy and malevolent forces.
To revitalize your love life, make a sachet using fennel seeds, a cinnamon quill, and some rose petals. Keep this under your bed for passionate nights. Before giving a presentation, chew some fennel seeds to boost your confidence and help you speak succinctly and clearly. The additional benefit of fennel seeds is that they improve breath. Chewing the seeds will also improve your memory and assist you in staying focused throughout the lecture.

This is supplied in a 4 x 5 inch clear grip seal, labeled bag to retain its freshness and potency. Due to all the herbs/barks/flowers having different weights the quantity in each bag is approximately 1/2 Cups of dried herb.

 All the herbs, resins, barks and flowers we sell at AmaraBee are of high quality and carefully selected ourselves from reputable Pagan, Witchcraft and herbal suppliers or grown ourselves at Flanary Herbal Gardens.