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Traditional uses and correspondences of wood

ALDER – Alder represents the elements Earth, Water and fire.
Magical Strengths: Weather magic, controlling the elements, protecting the dead
OAK – Oak is thought to be a favorite of Merlin.
Magical Strengths: Protection, Fertility, Strength, endurance, extra power, male energy
BIRCH – Perfect wood for yin energy.
Magical Strengths: intuition, creativity, love, healing, protection
ROWAN – The Tree of Life
Magical Strengths: Healing, extra power, protection, enhanced psychic powers.
HAZEL – The Tree of Wisdom and Wishes. Hazel has always been a popular choice amongst witches for wand making.
Magical Strengths: Wisdom, Truth, enlightenment, wishes
YEW – The Tree of Death. A tree sacred to the druids.
Magical Strengths: Inner strength, see into other worlds, immortality, change
WILLOW – The Tree of the Moon Goddess. The berries on this tree are quite tasty, but the rest of the tree is poisonous.
Magical Strengths: Healing, Protection, summoning spirits
HOLLY– The holy tree. Tree of the Sun God.
Magical Strengths: luck, strength, protection, luck
ALMOND – Hazel & Almond was once thought to be the ideal wood for wands and staffs.
Magical Strengths: Wisdom, Prosperity, Healing and true love magic
MANZANITA – The element of fire.
Magical Strengths: Seduction, enticing, nurturing, force against enemies, guiding light, protection
GRAPE VINE – The Morrighan – Celtic Goddess of War and Sovereignty.
Magical Strengths: unlocking the underworld, summoning, assistance from the
Morrighan Goddess
SEQUOIA [Redwood] – The king of trees.
Wisdom, strength, protection, creativity, enlightment

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