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Spiritual Bathing and the use of Magical Soaps

For a personal purification before performing a ritual, to simply taking a bath filled with magic, or prior to performing a spell...
Ritual baths are wonderful. They can be incredibly relaxing and powerful at the same time. This practice is fun to create as well! You add a little of this and a little of that and before you know it, you’ve created a spell right there in your bathtub. All you have to do is step in and enjoy the magic. Having created my own line of specialty soaps and bath products, I've had several conversations about suggested implementation of these items in personal ritual and cleansing practices. Most recently, Vhaldis (one of my covenmates) and I had a conversation about ritual purification. She brought to my attention that not ALL people enjoy soaking in a tub. In fact, she doesn't like taking baths at all and prefers showers. So, the question has arisen to bathe in the tub vs. a shower. What if you don’t have a bathtub? Or what if the thought of laying in a tub of water just puts you off? Can you still tap into this form of water witchcraft if you’re working with a shower? 
Absolutely! The magic of a ritual bath can just as easily be performed in a shower. Many ritual bath recipes can be converted into ritual shower recipes, Plus, there are quite a few shower-only spells that will turn your daily showers into powerful magical experiences. 3 Ways To Turn Bath Spells Into Shower Spells
1. Jar Spells for Magical Shower Rinses
This is one of the most straightforward ways to turn a ritual bath into a ritual shower. Simply fill a jar or large bowl with everything you’d put in your favorite ritual bath. Add some water, and let the ingredients (crystals, herbs, and salts) steep in the jar. Then strain out any herbs or objects that you’ve included in your jar spell and use the charged water for a rinse. Pour it over your head or body while you’re in your shower. Make sure you do everything else as you normally would if you were doing a ritual bath such as speaking your incantation or visualizing your desired outcome of the spell. 
* Using Moon Water Rinses
If possible, charge the water you use for your rinse with lunar energy. To do this, think about the different energy of the moon phases, and choose one that matches the intention of your spell. New moon energy is great for creating plans or dreaming up ideas. Waxing moon energy is associated with “increasing” or “growing” intentions. Full moon energy is great for manifesting or relationship spells. Waning moon energy is ideal for banishing and releasing. Leave your jar of water outside overnight (or by a window) to charge the water. You can also call upon the spirit of the moon to assist the charging.
* Using Colored Jar Rinses
Let your water charge in a colored jar. Use the traditional color correspondences or create your own when you’re selecting a jar to match your intention. Leave the water in the jar for at least one day and use the water to create your shower rinse. You can also use the jar to combine your shower spell ingredients, so that everything is charged with the same color energy. 
2. Wash Cloth Sachet
Another way to bring magic into your shower ritual is to make a sachet out of an old wash cloth and fill it with herbs and tumbled crystals. To do this, combine the herbs of your favorite ritual bath and mix them together in a bowl. Use your fingers to do this and be sure to visualize the ideal outcome of your spell.
Next, pour the herbs onto the washcloth and tie it up with string or a band. When you’re in the shower you can rub the washcloth over your body either during or at the end of your shower before you towel off or air-dry. 
3. Magical Scrubs
You can take your favorite ritual bath recipes and combine them to create a magical scrub. Just add a mild abrasive such as fine grain salt or sugar (NOT coarse! You want tiny particles to avoid damaging the skin), as well as an oil like olive oil to whatever magical herbs you’d like to use. Mix it all together and use it to exfoliate your skin in the shower. Place crystals around the container to charge the scrub. I don’t recommend placing the crystals in the mixture because the salt might damage the crystal.
There are a ton of natural scrub recipes online and I invite you to make these recipes your own by adding the herbs you want for your specific spell. Just make sure all the herbs you use are safe to use on your body.  4. One of our Pre-Charged Bath Products
If you find the idea of researching and gathering the herbs and minerals for your ritual bath daunting, you can always opt for one of our Signature Scent Series Bath Bombs, Crystal Soaks or Hand Poured Soaps. All of our items and blended with specific intent in mind and blesses and charged so they are ready to go! All that is required from you is a moment of intention charging to align directly with your needs and then pour them into the tub or start your cleansing practice. You can find all of our products here.
Simple Ways To Make Your Shower More Magical
If you want to bring witchcraft into your shower routine but you don’t have time to make a scrub, satchel, or rinse, you can still add magic to your shower with these simple shower spells. Crystals In The Shower
If you have some water safe crystals in your collection, you can use them to perform witchcraft in the shower! 
Elemental Crystal Spell
Use blue lace agate in the shower to tap into the energy of water. Blue Lace Agate is associated with water because of its color. You’ll need to create an intention for your water spell. To do this, think about the intentions, ideas, or energy that you associate with water. 
Does water make you think about the time you went on a whale watch with your family? Maybe you remember feeling safe, loved, and connected in that moment. If that’s the case, you might want to use the element of water for a home blessing shower spell or a spell to heal strained familial relationships. Or does water bring about memories of that powerful waterfall you hiked for miles to see? The powerful wall of falling water eroding the rocks away over may then want to use the water element to 'wash' away all that no longer serves your best intentions and purpose.
To perform this spell, shower as you normally would. Then at the end of your shower, hold the blue lace agate and take a moment to call on the element of water. Speak your intention and visualize the ideal outcome you desire for your spell as you rub the crystal up and down your body.  
Note: Not all crystals are safe in water. Some crystals will dissolve or release toxins when placed in water. Blue lace agate is safe to use in the shower as well as carnelian and any quartz stone (clear quartz, smoky quartz, citrine, amethyst, and rose quartz). If you can’t verify that a crystal is safe to use in water, substitute it for a different crystal or ingredient. 
Banishing Or Releasing Shower Spells
A shower creates powerful imagery for releasing and banishing intentions. When you shower, the water is cascading down your body and into a drain where it disappears from your sight. You know the water still exists somewhere, but it’s moving away from you through the pipes, out of your life. Plus, it’s taking whatever it cleansed from your body with it.
This is essentially the same energy required in a releasing intention. I believe you can’t create or destroy energy, so when I’m releasing or banishing someone or something, I don’t try to make that thing disappear from existence. I find it more useful to visualize the subject of my spell as leaving my experience and going far away from me. 
Writing On The Wall Soap Spell
First, decide what or who you’d like to release or banish. This can be anything from unwanted emotion to someone who is creating conflict in your life. Next, use your soap to write the name, word, or symbol of the person or thing you wish to banish on the floor of the shower. You can use a bar of soap or liquid soap when you do this. 
Then step into the shower and stand near the soap symbol—be very careful not to slip as you do this. Take a moment to think about the energy of the person or thing. It’s ok if you feel yourself getting a little emotional when you do this.
Next, state your intention aloud. Make sure to word it in a way where the focus is on what you’d like to bring into your life once this person or thing is banished from your experience. After that, turn on the water and watch the soap writing disappear down the drain. In your mind’s eye, visualize the person or thing also disappearing. 
Healing Waning Moon Shower Spell 
You Will Need:
* A smoky quartz crystal
This spell is best performed during the waning moon because that moon phase holds the energy of decreasing, releasing, and banishing. However, you can use this spell during any moon phase if it’s performed on a Saturday, which holds the same banishing and releasing energy.
For this simple spell, start by thinking about the person, thing, or feeling that you wish to release from your energy. Visualize that person, thing or feeling as a color and see that color covering your body like paint. Wherever you feel that person, thing, or feeling on your body, visualize a patch of color on that area. You might feel it in your chest, your throat, or your stomach. Give yourself a moment to connect to your energetic body and notice exactly what places are being affected by this unwanted energy. Don’t worry about feeling like you’re “making it up” the imagination is a powerful magical tool. Next, turn on the water, and step into the shower. Visualize the water washing away all of your energetic paint. Hold the smoky quartz crystal in your hands and touch it to the different “painted” areas of your body. When you feel clean physically and energetically, you can end your shower and your spell is complete. 
Simple Shower Divination Spell
This is a fun spell to experiment with if you’re interested in divination like scrying or reading tea leaves. 
To do this spell, ask your intuition, higher power, deities, or spirit guides to send you any messages you need to hear. Then shower as you normally would. When you’re done with your shower, turn off the water and look down at the remaining drops of water on the shower floor. Look for shapes and symbols in the water just like you would if you were finding images in the clouds. Pay attention to any thoughts, feelings, or images that you receive as you’re doing this. Many times, those impressions are messages meant for you. 
You might want to jot down your impressions in a journal and look back over it at the end of the day to see if any of the messages make more sense to you. Practice this as often as you like. Some witches believe that the full moon and the waning moon are excellent times for divination, but you can try this during any moon phase and see what works best for you! 

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