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Magical Cleansing - Floor Wash

We live in a world full of cleaning products, some of which are toxic to inhale, but we all have to clean our floors. Many years ago, these cleansings were not just done in an effort to remove dirt, but also a way of re-charging the energy of your home, and the people who enter it by sending magic up through the feet. Different traditions throughout history have different types of washes and waters. In modern magical practice, though, the use of floor washes has diminished a lot.
The old idea of a special wash or water used to clean and infuse your home has been replaced by the likes of Mr. Clean and Pine-Sol. Even in the Pagan community, most cleansings are done either through spritzing or smudging, chanting or ringing, burning herbs or resins, drumming... Not many of us want to get down on hands and knees to apply a spiritual floor wash, and then allow it to air dry...
I gotta say though- I love them, and use them regularly.
In this blog post, I’m going to share how I use them. My methods may differ from traditional floor washes, but will show you how you can include this special tradition in your home, without having to crawl around on your hands and knees. I’ll share a few of the washes I use most often. Most of which are from “The Elemental Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells” (if you don’t own it, it's a must have!) and a couple of my own mixtures as well…
There are many different ways to work with a magical wash. The most obvious is to get your infusion and a bucket, get down on hands and knees, and get to work. However, this is not the way I do it, and I suggest anyone who can avoid spending that much time on their hands and knees should.
I use a Libman battery powered mop. Although I clean with a traditional string-head mop, I use the Libman for applying floor washes… I also use my coffee pot and/or old fashioned tea kettle to make hot water for tea and infusions. With the use of these simple household products, you can make and apply your own floor washes in minutes… When I make a floor wash, these are the steps I take:
  1. I start by gathering my herbs from the garden or from my stock of dried herbs.
  2. I place them into a coffee filter, and run a “full pot” of water through.
  3. Allow it to cool, set my intention and push the energy into the infusion, mix with vinegar, and fill bottle
  4. Attach bottle to the mop…and clean!
If you want to say a spell relating to the intentions you are using, you can... but it's not necessary. Just visualizing the work you want it to do will suffice...
**Make sure to allow floor to air dry!**
My New Home Floorwash
This is recommended for an over-all initial cleansing when moving into your new home. This removes old vibrations and emotions lingering from past residents and allows you to begin with a fresh slate.
  1. Make a strong infusion from Basil, Hyssop, and Pine needles.
  2. Strain out the herbs and add the infusion liquid to a bucket of water, together with white or rice vinegar.
  3. Cleanse floors and surfaces as needed.
Energy Cleansing Floorwash
Agrimony repels and sends back hexes. Peppermint is an aggressive cleanser that beckons the presence of helpful benevolent spirits. Combined, these herbs create a particularly potent floor wash.
  1. Make a strong infusion from dried Agrimony and Peppermint.
  2. Strain out the herbs and add the infusion liquid to a bucket of water, together with white or rice vinegar.
  3. Cleanse floors and surfaces.
This is the wash I created and use in my own home once a month, on the New Moon:
Ophelia’s Floorwash
This is a “All Purpose” wash that I use at home to bring protection & purification, to encourage peaceful, loving interactions, increase focus and intent, and just raise the overall vibrations of our home. I also take the left over floor wash and pour some onto the corners of our property.
  1. Make a strong infusion from Basil, Black Pepper, Salt, Sage, Bay leaf, Neroli, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Rue, and Rosemary.
  2. Strain out the herbs and add the infusion liquid to a bucket of water, together with white or rice vinegar.
  3. Cleanse floors and surfaces as needed.
I hope you enjoyed the article! If you have anything to add or any recipes you would like to share, please leave a comment below!

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