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I Am A Witch

Labels are a funny thing.....we, as humans, have an innate desire to label all that exists in our paradigm. Before we are even brought to this planet, we are labeled ‘unborn’ or ‘fetus’ or ‘baby’ to define that we have yet to enter this realm. We are then named and numbered after our birth and the definitions will continue until we leave here.

I am a prolific reader and have always enjoyed expressing my thoughts on paper. Words are very important to me, however I’ve learned that words can limit as much as they assist in our understanding. ’Defining Terms’ is necessary in effective communication, but the act of clarifying ironically limits our ability to express ourselves in broad terms. By labeling our thoughts and ideas, we automatically provide clear boundaries in the mind of the person we’re talking to, limiting their potential understanding of our ideas.

However, without labels and definitions, we are left without a foothold in conversation, basically adrift without any real verbal clarity. Having just circled back to the beginning, I would now like to explain why I shared this cyclical thought!

I am wary of labels. When I say ‘I Am A Witch’, I am basically leaving my ‘label‘ up to the interpretation of the listener. Their interpretation will be formed by their life experience, the books they may have read, the stories they have been told, maybe even movies they have watched. There is nothing wrong with this at all, except for the fact that, by summarizing my existence to a single word, I am limiting my experiences, my knowledge and my moral compass to THEIR definition of the term Witch. There are many other terms that encompass my experiences here, but I have essentially claimed this one. It truly touches on all things in my life.

As verbose as it may seem, here is MY definition of the label:

My front door is red, a symbol of my deep connection with creation. My house is surrounded by plants and shrubs. No, not for aesthetic but for the physical and spiritual healing of all who enter here. My dwelling is full of rescued animals, as my soul is connected to all living things and my ability to love knows no limits. I wear black because it contains the entire spectrum of color, and assists me in protecting my own energy.

I am a Witch.

When you come to me with need, I do my best to provide, however will always direct you within, as your soul already has the answers you seek. I keep my space organized and clean, as clutter breeds chaos and dust gives a cozy home for the undesired. Yes, I bathe with crystals and botanicals. They keep me balanced and positive. Yes, my home is full of candles, as it lights the way for the lost. Yes, I have animal bones prominently placed. These bones carry memories of the life once led, the lessons once learned, and the knowledge still offered to those willing to listen.

I am a Witch

I may seem strange and somewhat out of place, but trust that I will be there if I’m ever needed. I do not judge harshly for I, too, am human. I do not hold grudges as they poison the soul. I do my best to be a better well rounded person every day.
However, do not mistake my kindness for weakness. I will protect my energy, my loved ones, my dwelling and my sense of peace. I will meet you toe-to-toe if I feel threatened. I will meet your gaze, unwavering and unafraid because I have seen what lies on the other side of this life.
It does not scare me.
I am a Witch.

When you come to visit there will be dogs to greet you and a pot of tea or coffee at the ready. Leave your bags and your shoes at the door, have a seat and relax. You might just leave here with a change in perspective.
So, with all of that written, how do YOU feel about labels? Are they limiting or are they empowering? What term do you claim?


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