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Cleansing your home of unwanted Spirits and Entities

Spirits and various entities can be hanging out everywhere and anywhere. The vast majority do not have enough power to affect human beings, and most have no intention of causing you harm - more often, they’re just attached to a location or an object, or they may be wandering because they are unable or unwilling to move on. They can be unpleasant, annoying or their presence may simply frighten you. Others are more intimidating, filled with anger or fear, or may have a wicked disposition. They may intentionally try to scare you and the people in your house.
They can come into your life in many ways. Perhaps they’ve always been in your home, but you never noticed. Perhaps you disturbed them by touching something they used to own or by renovating a room. A visitor or new purchase can catch their attention. Perhaps they came in with an object you bought at an antique store, or they were just wandering by and took interest in you.
Now, when most people experience spirit activity, their first response is to freeze...panic, and then break out the Holy Water and Sage. And while this response is not surprising, please know that it isn't always warranted. The point and purpose of all this activity is to get your attention. Spirits are pretty good at being invisible, so when they set the intention to be noticed, it’s a purposeful act (usually). Most of a time, a Spirit in your house is not a random entity or someone/thing out to get you, it’s a Loved One, an Ancestor, a Guide or an Angel who wants to deliver a message to you.
And many times, that message is "Hey, I’m here still. Just hoping you would notice."
If you want the activity to stop, simply tell them so by talking to the spirit person, like a regular human, out loud. The is usually no need for a special ritual, once an honest, face to face conversation is had. If, after your discussion, things have remained unchanged or have amped up a bit, here are a few techniques that may help you rid your space of unwanted visitors before things get out of hand.
Fuming or Smudging
To fume, place a heat-proof pot on a heat-proof surface. Light an incense charcoal briquette (never use barbecue charcoal, which is toxic when burned indoors) and put it in the pot. Then open all the windows and sprinkle a spoonful of herbs on it every few minutes to build up billows of smoke.Fuming is a process of burning dried herbs to banish unwanted entities. Clouds of fragrant smoke ward them the same way bug repellent can ward mosquitoes.
Certain herbs are known to repel entities and drive them away from a particular space. Use sage or thyme if it’s a minor problem. If you feel the entity is mischievous or stubborn and might not want to leave, use something stronger such as garlic powder, juniper berries, cinnamon or cloves. Leave the room if using these stronger herbs and come back when the smoke clears. As you begin sprinkling the herbs on the hot coal, tell the entities very clearly that you want them to leave. You can find smudging products here.
Water or Oil
Blessed water or oils banish entities, particularly those with more nefarious intent. Many churches sell holy water, but you can have your clergy bless it or bless it yourself with a prayer. You can also say prayers to bless a vial of olive oil, clove oil or cooking oil mixed with chopped, raw garlic.
Sprinkle holy water, or dip your finger in oil to draw a religious symbol (such as the cross) or a protective symbol (such as the 5-pointed star) on every door, wall and window in the house. As you go from room to room, whisper blessings and prayers from your Higher Power to assist you, and firmly tell the entities they’re not wanted and must leave.
Salt has long been used as a protection from unwanted spirits and entities. Bless a bowl of salt and sprinkle handfuls around the room, charging the entities to be gone. Protect your home further, place a thin line of salt across every door that leads into your house and across every windowsill to create a barrier that will repel spirits. For salt that packs a real whallop, take a look in the shop.
If all else fails.....ask for assistance
Some spirits and entities are stronger than others, or their intentions are so evil that they are not easily deterred. If you have a very nasty intruder, things may not improve—or may get even worse! While these cases are extremely rare, it is the time to call in a professional medium, spiritualist or clergy person to help you

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