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Books are Magic!

We have an announcement to make, but first.....
As a child, I loved to read. My earliest reading memories relate to our encyclopedia collection at home and of library trips, where I would check out books on reptiles and arachnids and plants, or my favorite author during pre-teen years, Piers Anthony and his fantasy worlds. For me, filling my brain with perspective changing facts and exercising the ability to mentally transport myself into a new world by reading words on a page is pure magic.
I’ve traveled to unknown lands, developed friendships, fought in battles, and rode horses on the beach- all from the comfort of my bedroom. When I read a good book I stop seeing the words on the page. Instead I follow the characters and observe their lives. I’m the fly on the wall as they act and speak and carry out their fictional doings. The real world simply disappears.
On finishing a fictional book, I would often end up with a book hangover–a feeling that real life is grey and dull after the excitement of that fictional world. It was difficult to cure and often required a new book to get me out of it.
The magic is special the first time you read a book. Knowing that you can never read that particular book for the first time again can cause one to drag out the last few chapters to savor them. The feeling is akin to knowing you will never meet your other half for the first time again. Re-reading can be having lunch with an old friend. It can comfort and relax, but it never has that first time spark of wonder again.
As an adult, I phased from fiction to strictly non-fiction and spend my time reading books that assist my life in changing my perspective. As a student of the Occult, I can never get enough information on history, perspective, Ritual practice, folklore, mythology, symbols and tools. I have collected quite the Esoteric library over the years, and many of these books I’ve re-read more than twice.
Through my research and broad exposure to many different authors, I have felt a kinship with only a few. Don’t get that tangled, as I have much respect for nearly all of the authors in my library! However, there are a few authors that I can relate to on a soul level. These authors have answered questions for me, cleared confusion and posed new questions, encouraging me to seek out answers on my own. When clients and friends approach me, looking for guidance in their practice I unequivocally point them in the direction of these authors and their books.
So.....After much consideration, I have decided to expand my business to include books in the store. It only makes sense to me that I would include books by my favorite authors, for these individuals have provided clarity for me in so many ways.
We are excited to announce that we are now carrying publications from Troy Books! It is such an honor to provide these stellar publications on the Occult, Witchcraft, Herbalism, Folklore and History by such acclaimed authors as Gemma Gary, Nigel G. Pearson, Simon Reed, Steve Patterson, and more.

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